What We Do


The Constitution Society regularly publishes papers by leading experts on a wide range of constitutional topics. All our papers and reports are publicly available on our website.

Promoting debate

We organise occasional conferences and seminars on issues of current constitutional importance, attended by leading experts from the civil service, academia and the legal profession as well as senior politicians. Recent topics have included the future of the Union; reform of the Human Rights Act; prospects for a UK Constitutional Convention and the constitutional consequences of Brexit.

Independent research

Our academic staff carry out in-depth research on constitutional topics, often focussed on issues which have not been widely studied.  Recent and current projects include an interview-based investigation of the ways in which members of the House of Lords understand their role as ‘constitutional guardians’; the constitutional implications of referendums and the evolving role of Parliamentary Select Committees.

Supporting the Better Government Initiative

We provide administrative support for the Better Government Initiative (BGI), an independent, politically non-aligned organisation which works to improve the conduct of government. Chaired by Sir Richard Mottram, BGI’s Executive Committee is made up of people with practical experience in government at a very senior level.

BGI advocates open and accountable government; a robust, evidence-based policy making process; simple legislation addressing clearly identified needs; effective Parliamentary scrutiny and an impartial and professional civil service.

Supporting the United Kingdom Constitutional Law Association

We provide financial support for the United Kingdom Constitutional Law Association (UKCLA).  UKCLA is the United Kingdom’s national body of constitutional law scholars affiliated to the International Association of Constitutional Law. Its objective is to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge relating to UK constitutional law, broadly defined,  and the study of constitutions generally.

UKCLA organises and supports seminars, runs a blog (followed by over 4,000 people and read by many more) and maintains a register of PhD projects related to UK constitutional law.