Your Constitution


Constitutions are about political power. Where it is; who gets it; and what can – and should – be done with it. 

Constitutions deal with people who hold public office, and the relationship between those offices, and with the rest of us. They tell us all about how we should be expect to be treated in society; and how we are allowed to behave. 

Here, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK), we do not have a single text which details our constitution. Instead, our constitution is spread across many different places.

Your Constitution, written by Professor Andrew Blick of King’s College London and director of the Constitution Society, sets out some of the most important aspects of our constitution. It offers an accessible overview of the various features of the uncodified constitution of the United Kingdom.

This publication presents the personal views of the author and not those of The Constitution Society, which publishes it as a contribution to debate on this important subject.