New Polling: Public Divided on Future of Monarchy


Public divided on future of monarchy but majority favour financial reform and transparency.

A poll published today by the Constitution Society finds that 53 per cent of people in
Great Britain believe that members of the royal family beyond the King, Queen and
Prince of Wales should not be supported from public funds. 61 per cent of
people in Great Britain agree that information on their finances, including presently
opaque aspects like the Dutchy of Cornwall, should be publicly accessible and
clearly presented. 
The poll was commissioned by the Society to mark the forthcoming coronation of
Charles III. It showed that a majority (54 per cent) favour keeping the monarchy,
while 20 per cent want to create a republic. But, if the monarchy is retained, there
was significantly more support for reforming the institution than for it staying
the way it is, by 45 per cent to 27 per cent. A plurality of respondents (28 per cent
versus 22 per cent) also supported the requirement that the monarch be a member
of the Church of England. 
Professor Andrew Blick of King’s College London, Senior Adviser to the Constitution
Society, said:
‘The monarchy is a deeply embedded part of our public life and constitutional
system. This poll confirms that a majority support its continued existence. But this
figure is in the low 50s; and there is clear evidence of dislike for the wider royal
family receiving financial support; and of support for royal finances being

This publication presents the personal views of the author and not those of The Constitution Society, which publishes it as a contribution to debate on this important subject.