Data and Democracy in the Digital Age

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Does the use of data in political campaigns threaten our democracy?

In this report, co-authors Stephanie Hankey, Julianne Kerr Morrison and Ravi Naik examine the increasingly prominent role of personal data in political campaigning and the inadequacy of current regulatory safeguards.

Data has become an increasingly valuable asset for those that control it. Our interconnected world has become ever more pervasive, ubiquitous and prominent. As personal data has taken an increasing role in all of our lives and our lives translate ever more into electronic media and data, the challenge of who controls that data and what rights we have over that data are not just questions for those in the IT world. They become problems that are as fundamental to us as any other human right.

Find in this report the authors’ analysis and recommendations for regulatory changes to ensure our rights as voters and citizens are properly protected in the digital age.

This publication presents the personal views of the author and not those of The Constitution Society, which publishes it as a contribution to debate on this important subject.