Clerk of the Commons hails our select committees report


This archive item is a window onto issues as they appeared at the time. It contains facts and opinions which may have been superseded by subsequent events.

Robert Rogers, Clerk of the Commons, has published a new paper on the powers of select committees. Much of what he writes agrees with the key points of our own report, Select Committees and Coercive Powers – Clarity or Confusion a copy of which can be downloaded here.

Mr Rogers says of our report, “…The Constitution Society’s recent study by Robert Gordon QC and Amy Street, [is] one of the best considerations of the issues I have seen.” This follows on from its citation in the Commons by the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, who described the report as “very important”.

We are delighted that this groundbreaking research is fast becoming key reading for all those interested in parliamentary process and look forward to the ongoing discussion around its findings. The recent Libor scandal and the increased prominence of select committees show that their role and powers will continue to be on the political agenda.



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