Work of the BGI

The Better Government Initiative’s work sought to promote the following principles core to good governance:

1. A robust policy making process that
• is open, consultative and evidence based,
• ensures policies are trialled and tested and
• is built to last.

2. Open and transparent government with a presumption in favour of
• disclosure of all data and
• publication of impact statements and business cases. 

3. Simple legislation responding to clearly identified needs with
• close scrutiny of the case for legislation
• explicit standards for the preparation of legislation
• a Parliamentary process to ensure consistent application of those standards.

4. Effective accountability of Government with
• greater continuity of responsibility for both Ministers and officials and
• effective Parliamentary scrutiny of the Executive through well-resourced Select Committees.

5. An impartial, diverse and professional Civil Service
• selected and promoted on merit
• appointed, at senior levels, by the Prime Minister on the advice of an independent appointments commission
• trained and accredited to the highest standards
• available to advise the Opposition in pre-Election periods.